Ramadan 2023: Muslim Pro to donate 50% of its subscription proceeds to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

by | Mar 27, 2023


  • Muslim Pro will donate 50% of the total proceeds from its Premium subscription this Ramadan to PCRF to help raise funds for their initiatives in Palestine including the Gaza Amputee Project, Treatment Abroad Program, and Pediatric Cardiac Program.

As part of their Ramadan 2023 campaign, Muslim Pro the world’s leading Muslim lifestyle app announces its partnership with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) to help raise funds and support the organisation’s cause in providing medical care and humanitarian aid to the children affected by war and conflict in the country. 

Muslim Pro is running a cause-related marketing campaign starting 17 March on its Muslim Pro Premium subscription where 50% of its total global subscription proceeds (excluding Singapore and Indonesia) will be donated to PCRF.

Fara Abdulllah, co-CEO of Muslim Pro, said, “As we observe this holy month of giving and celebrate in the comfort of our homes, it is important to remember those who are less fortunate and need our help. At Muslim Pro, we believe in using our platform responsibly and for the benefit of the world, which is why we are proud to partner with PCRF to support their important mission in providing critical care for the children of Palestine. Additionally we want to provide our users with the opportunity to make meaningful contributions while experiencing the best of the app this Ramadan, where any good deeds done are multiplied.”

With a premium subscription, users can enjoy an ad-free experience of all features in the Muslim Pro app, including Qalbox, a Muslim entertainment streaming service that was recently launched and made available inside the app late last year.

Steve Sosebee, founder of PCRF, expressed his gratitude for the collaboration, saying, “We are thrilled to partner with Muslim Pro for this important initiative. This collaboration is a testament to the power of technology and its ability to bring people together to make a difference. With Muslim Pro’s support, we can continue to provide critical medical care to children in need in Palestine.”

PCRF has been providing medical assistance to children in need for over 30 years, regardless of their nationality, religion, or race. The organisation has helped thousands of children receive life-saving medical treatments. It also promotes the establishment of a viable healthcare system in their local areas, including the Gaza Amputee Project and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Program.

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