Muslim Pro collaborates with UNICEF and Dompet Dhuafa to support children’s education and welfare in Yemen and Indonesia

by | Apr 30, 2021

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  • Muslim Pro pays it forward to children’s welfare and education in Yemen and  Indonesia, on the back of its successful Khatam Quran campaign during  Ramadan  
  • Muslim Pro users are encouraged to continue to give to UNICEF’s Children in  Yemen Appeal through the app’s first-ever crowdfunding effort 
  • Since the start of Ramadan, Muslim Pro’s new Khatam Quran (completing the Quran) feature has seen some 500,000 Quran readings created worldwide with  more than 7,000 completions achieved.

SINGAPORE, 30 April 2021 – Muslim Pro, the world’s most popular Muslim religious and community app with 100 million downloads to date, is collaborating with UNICEF as it launches its first-ever crowdfunding effort to raise money for its Children in Yemen Appeal.

The crowdfunding effort follows strong support for Muslim Pro’s Khatam Quran campaign, which  encourages users to complete readings of the Quran during Ramadan. The campaign has far exceeded its  expectations, with close to 500,000 Quran readings being created worldwide since the start of Ramadan.  

Besides the crowdfunding effort, Muslim Pro has pledged to donate to UNICEF and Indonesia’s Islamic  philanthropy organisation Dompet Dhuafa to support children’s educational needs – in line with its Khatam  Quran campaign goals and objective to send disadvantaged children to school.  

Muslim Pro designed its Khatam feature with a purpose: to convert good intentions into positive action. The  campaign aims to reach at least 10,000 Quran completions, and has pledged to contribute to the education  of disadvantaged children after it achieves this target. 

Zahariah Jupary, Head of Community for Muslim Pro said: “Although the Khatam Quran campaign is only  for this Ramadan, we want it to have a positive and lasting impact on community. 

“The response to the Khatam feature has already been impressive, and this week, more than 7,000  individuals and groups have completed their Quran readings. All these readings mean that Muslim Pro can  help empower hundreds of disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Yemen and Indonesia.”

#Giftofkhatam: Empowering children  

Muslim Pro users can donate to UNICEF throughout Ramadan until the end of May via an in-app link at to support the organisation’s emergency response and overall  work to support the education of children in Yemen. 

Besides the crowdfunding effort, Muslim Pro will also make a corporate donation to UNICEF. 

Yemen is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, with more than 24 million people – some 80% of the  population and more than 12 million children – in need of assistance. The damage and closure of schools  and hospitals has disrupted access to education and health services, leaving children even more vulnerable  and robbing them of their future. As well as supporting the immediate emergency needs of children whose 

access to food and water is severely limited, the UNICEF appeal aims to look at the long-term development  of the country and the future of its children. Approximately 8.1 million school-age girls and boys need  Education in Emergencies (EiE) assistance across Yemen. More than 2.2 million children in Yemen are out  of school. 

Muslim Pro’s corporate donation to Indonesia-based Islamic charity organisation Dompet Dhuafa  ( will support its pre-school programme that serves Muslim children aged three to five years old, in Bogor, Indonesia for one year. The programme is intended for families with economic limitations and allows children to attend kindergarten rooted in Islamic values. Muslim Pro will also donate  Ramadan gifts (a schoolkit and a Quran) to 250 students in Dompet Dhuafa’s E-Tahfidz School, a free senior high school Islamic programme for high-achieving students from underprivileged backgrounds. 

#UnitedinKhatam: Khatam Quran campaign 

From the 500,000 Quran readings that have been created, Indonesia tops the list of countries with the highest number of Khatams completed, followed by India and France.

More than eight in ten (80.1%) of Khatam Quran users read from Muslim Pro’s digital Quran, while nearly  20% are using the app to track reading of a physical Quran. 

Reciting the Quran in Ramadan is a religious practice that Muslims believe gives spiritual benefits to the  person reading and completing it throughout this month. Muslim Pro’s free feature gives users complete  flexibility in choosing how to complete their Quran reading: either individually or in groups of up to 30, and  either reading the Quran digitally through the app, or tracking their progress in the app as they read a  physical copy of the Quran. 

Ms Zahariah added: “Although we had hoped to see an improvement in the COVID-19 situation for this  second Ramadan spent in a pandemic, we are pleased to see that our app continues to be of a great  support and aid to Muslims all over the world as our features help bridge physical distances in the practice  of our faith.” 

The Muslim Pro app or Muslim Pro’s khatam Quran feature can be downloaded here Muslim Pro has more than 100 million downloads  in over 190 countries across users of all ages.