Muslim Pro Launches Islamic AI Chatbot and Enhanced Quran Ahead of Ramadan

by | Feb 28, 2024

Singapore-headquartered Muslim Pro,  a widely popular Muslim lifestyle application (app), today announced the launch of two new features: “Ask AiDeen,” an AI-powered Islamic chatbot, and new enhancements to its Quran feature, with Immerse, Memorise, and Learn functionalities. These enhancements  are designed for its users to foster a deeper understanding and connection with their religion, offering a more purposeful and introspective Ramadan experience on the go. 

The Quran is a core element in the Muslim Pro app and one of the most used features throughout the year. Recognising this, Muslim Pro has redesigned its Quran features to support Quran memorization and comprehension through user-friendly listening modes, interactive quizzes, and an expansive range of learning tools. These enhancements are meticulously crafted to cater to the varied needs of the Muslim community, ensuring a more purposeful and introspective Ramadan experience. 

Fara Abdullah, Chief Strategy Officer, Muslim Pro says, “We understand that reading and memorising the Quran is an important part of Ramadan for Indonesians. The inclusion of modern memorisation tools represents a harmonious blend of technology and traditional Quranic study methods, setting a new standard for Islamic educational apps.”

Muslim Pro is one of the first apps to offer digital Quranic lessons focusing on essential surahs with an added quiz component while the ‘Memorise’ feature is unique due to its inclusivity, as it caters to various types of learners including visual and auditory learners.

Ask AiDeen: Your AI-Powered Islamic Companion
Alongside the enhanced Quran and its new learning and memorising features, another key feature launched ahead of Ramadan is  an AI bot called “Ask AiDeen”, a Generative (Gen) AI-powered bot trained to answer Islamic queries based on authentic sources including the Quran and hadiths. Ask AiDeen addresses the challenge of finding verified and trustworthy information about Islam with ease and on the go. 

“Ask AiDeen is more than just a technological innovation; it’s a companion ready to support our users in their quest for religious knowledge anytime, anywhere,” says Fara.

Both the newly enhanced Quran functionalities and the Ask AiDeen feature will be accessible within the Muslim Pro app, rolling out on all iOS devices by March 5, 2024, and on Android devices by March 8, 2024. To ensure a seamless and an optimum experience through the holy month, users are strongly encouraged to update their app as soon as the update becomes available.

A Unified Goal: Enhancing Ramadan Experience
In addition to the introduction of these innovative features, Qalbox by Muslim Pro is poised to elevate the holy month with a carefully curated assortment of Ramadan specials. Additionally, Qalbox is enhancing its Ramadan content library through strategic partnerships, significantly expanding its offerings. This initiative is designed to enrich the Ramadan experience, offering diverse content that reflects the month’s spiritual significance. 

Through these efforts, Muslim Pro demonstrates its commitment to improving the spiritual well-being of Muslims in Indonesia and around the world, seamlessly blending technology with faith to deliver meaningful experiences that resonate with the community during Ramadan. 

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