Muslim Pro crosses 150 million global downloads, set to invest millions in Malaysia as Global Muslim Content Hub

by | Jun 21, 2023

Muslim Pro crosses 150 million global downloads, set to invest millions in Malaysia as Global Muslim Content Hub

Muslim Pro, the world’s leading Muslim lifestyle app, has achieved a significant milestone  surpassing 150 million downloads globally, setting the stage for big plans in the next 12 months. The app started back in 2009, as a way to help millions of Muslims practice Islam everyday. Since then, the app has been translated into 22  different languages with more than 60 translations of the Quran available within the app. It made waves in Malaysia when the streaming service, Qalbox, was introduced into the app back in December 2022.

“As we celebrate this milestone, we are thrilled to announce that a staggering 12 million downloads come from Malaysia alone. This achievement signifies Malaysia as a pivotal growth driver for Muslim Pro and Qalbox which is appealing to the tech-savvy and young Muslim population in the country. Thanks to the community’s support, Muslim Pro was the No.1 mobile app downloaded in Malaysia during this past Ramadan across all categories,” said Fara Abdullah, co-CEO of Muslim Pro. “We would also like to attribute our success to our strategic partnerships with companies like Maxis and Viu Malaysia, which played a vital role in our success.” 

Bitsmedia, the parent company of Muslim Pro and Qalbox, has always eyed Malaysia as a key growth driver for the brand because of the prominent Muslim community in Malaysia. By forging strategic partnerships with companies like Maxis and Viu, Muslim Pro has solidified its position as a key player in the Malaysian market. To show their commitment, Muslim Pro plans to take substantial strides by expanding its local team by threefold over the next 24 months. 

Nik Emir Din, co-CEO of Bitsmedia, added, “With the funding we have received from local partners Bintang Capital Partners and Penjana Kapital Sdn. Bhd  in Q4 last year, coupled with the fact that our global content acquisitions team are based in our Kuala Lumpur office, we will be able to double down our physical presence in the country and establish Malaysia as the content hub for the region and beyond.” He added “As we continue to expand our operations in the Malaysian market, we are actively seeking additional funding to fuel our growth plans. This will help us further strengthen our position as the leading player in our space.” 

Fara Abdullah further added, “The recent launch of Qalbox in Kuala Lumpur along with content acquisitions from partners like Astro, Pixel Play and Nads Media showcase our determination to engage and collaborate with Malaysian talents and content, such as our recent Qalbox originals “I Am Muslim” and “Food From the Heart”.

To date, Bitsmedia has spent over RM 3 million in content, collaborating  with Malaysia content providers, production houses and post-production companies to position Malaysia as a content hub for the region and globally as well. Looking ahead at future plans, Muslim Pro aims to allocate 50% of its upcoming annual content budget to the Malaysian market, thereby reinforcing its commitment towards working with local talents and building strong content partnerships. This is in line with Muslim Pro and Qalbox’s longer term aspirations to become a household brands firmly rooted in the Malaysian market.

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