Available Now on Muslim Pro, Create Your Own Quran Playlist

by | Apr 16, 2020

Have a playlist for your music? What about one for the Quran? 

Muslim Pro has just released the Quran Playlist, our latest development in the Quran feature just in time for Ramadan 2020. Users can now create your own Quran Playlist with your favourite surahs and share the Quran Playlist with family and friends.

Muslim Pro’s Quran Playlist consists of Featured Playlists that you could follow and your own Quran Playlist creations. We will continuously craft Featured Playlists that are relevant for our users to follow. You can tell if it’s one of ours by the Muslim Pro logo on the top left corner.

There are so many ways you can fully maximise the benefits of creating your own Quran Playlist. 

  1. Create a Quran Playlist that consists of your favourite surahs that you could listen over and over again. 
  2. How about one playlist for the Surahs that you are currently memorizing? Constantly listening to the Surahs’ recitation will aid you in the memorizing process.
  3. Or even creating a playlist that helps to calm your children down before they go to sleep at night.

How ever you use it, Muslim Pro’s Quran Playlist enables you to create a playlist for the Surahs that are personalized to your needs and situations. Each Quran Playlist enables you to include a playlist name, description and a cover image. Once you’ve created your Quran Playlist, you could also share it with your family and friends so that they could benefit from your playlist too. You can always add more surahs to the playlist or edit it anytime you want.

May this new feature bring ease to you and your loved ones in getting closer to the Quran. This feature is available on the latest app update on iOS and Android.