Muslim Pro raised over USD $115,000 for Afghanistan emergency funds in support of UNICEF

by | Dec 31, 2021

Bitsmedia Muslim Pro USD 115000 for Afghanistan UNICEF
  • Following the success of Ramadan 2021 fundraiser,  Muslim Pro teamed with UNICEF for children affected by the crisis in Afghanistan
  • The crowdfunding campaign in October surpassed its target within the first month, and was extended for another month
  • Around 12.9 million children across Afghanistan need humanitarian assistance to survive

Muslim Pro, the world’s most popular Muslim lifestyle app with over 120 million downloads worldwide, has raised over USD $115,000 with United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) in its efforts for the children affected by the crisis in Afghanistan.

The two-month campaign was well received by the app’s audience, successfully raising 70% of the target within the first month. The campaign signifies a continued collaboration with UNICEF, with Muslim Pro supporting the Children in Yemen Appeal campaign in May, coinciding with the app’s larger Ramadan campaign, which saw close to 500,000 completed Quran readings globally.

Fara Abdullah, Managing Director at Muslim Pro said: “We have had an incredible 2021 with UNICEF in its efforts to support the global community in need. In total, USD $165,000 was raised to support UNICEF’s emergency fund campaigns. We are extremely pleased with our crowdfunding efforts for the children of Afghanistan.”

The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated significantly with the recent political and socioeconomic developments. Essential services are on the brink of collapse, exacerbating the needs of an already vulnerable population.

With the support through Muslim Pro crowdfunding efforts and donors all over the world, UNICEF was able to provide life-saving services such as ready-to-use therapeutic food to nourish starving children; water trucking to the most in need communities; education supplies to children, including girls; and mobile health clinics to bring urgent medical care directly to vulnerable families and children in hard-to-reach areas.

Fara added: “Muslim Pro would like to thank each and everyone who has made this fundraiser a success. We also look forward to our continued efforts with UNICEF and encourage the global community to help out the less fortunate in any way they can.”