Muslim Pro launches in-app Ramadan campaign to celebrate the Holy Month

by | Mar 31, 2022

Bitsmedia Muslim Pro Ramadan 2022
  • Invite users to reconnect with their faith and to Muslim Pro through a holistic in-app experience 
  • 30 days of content across different lifestyle categories throughout the entire Ramadan consisting of video series, articles, and a Ramadan starter kit
  • Collaborations with Muslim KOLs and content creators from around the world

The holy month of Ramadan is marked by social and religious gatherings where Muslim families and friends unite to break their fast together, after sunset during iftar or before dawn during suhoor.

Traditionally, many Muslims increase their attendance at mosques during the month and congregate for longer prayers for taraweeh and qiyam. Some Muslims also spend consecutive days and nights at mosques during the last 10 days of Ramadan (i’tikaf) for prayers.

However, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, this Ramadan, Muslims had to comply with physical distancing measures, including the closing of mosques, monitoring of public gatherings, and other restrictions on movement. This will have direct implications for the social and religious gatherings central to Ramadan, causing people to feel disconnected in all aspects (practices and consumption habits) of being a Muslim.

This year, Muslim Pro’s Ramadan Reconnect campaign, which was officially launched on March 27, invite users to reconnect with their faith through the Muslim Pro app, providing a holistic experience for users to live the 30 days of Ramadan through its many different lifestyle offerings such as food, health, soul, and conversations on the Muslim identity, as well as through a variety of in-app content consisting of video series, articles, and a Ramadan starter kit.  

Muslim Pro will be collaborating with Muslim KOLs and content creators from around the world as the brand believes in showcasing the rich and diverse global Muslim community. 

Fara Abdullah, Co-CEO at Muslim Pro said: “We have had an incredible year with a few key milestones and achievements such as the highly successful Khatam Qur’an campaign last Ramadan and new features such as our Streak Rewards. This Ramadan, we are featuring our beautiful and diverse Muslim cultures from around the world through our Muslim Pro brand, as there isn’t a cookie-cutter representation on the Muslim identity.”

Technology has been instrumental in keeping Muslims spiritually connected during the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to play a role in enabling young Muslims to access their faith wherever they are. But tech also provides a means for platforms like Muslim Pro to elevate Muslim voices, perspectives, and profiles globally.

Despite making up almost a quarter of the world’s population, Muslims remain almost invisible in industries such as entertainment. While a few Muslim stars have made undeniable progress, Muslims worldwide have only begun to scratch the surface of what is possible. Countless stories are waiting to be explored.

“Muslim Pro aims to give Muslims around the world the stories, entertainment and enriching content that they are seeking. We want to open the door to users who might not have interest in an app focused solely on religious matters. We have invested in content across various lifestyle topics without losing sight of our company visionreconnecting Muslims around the world through technology,” said Fara.