In a strategic move designed to elevate the entertainment experience for Muslim families during the month of Ramadan, Qalbox by Muslim Pro, a global  SVOD platform, announces a partnership with Durioo+, a renowned Islamic content provider focused on Muslim kids-friendly entertainment, and the Institute of Islamic Understanding (IKIM), one of Asia’s most prominent Islamic networks. 

Durioo+ will introduce shows catered to the educational and entertainment needs of Muslim families. IKIM, on the other hand, will contribute a diverse range of content including documentaries, educational series, and programs featuring renowned scholars, offering viewers a deeper understanding of Islam’s core principles.

Recognising the growing demand for entertainment that weaves recreation with Islamic principles, Qalbox is committed to delivering spiritually meaningful content to its users as they observe the holy month of Ramadan.

Fara Abdullah, Chief Strategy Officer, Muslim Pro & Qalbox says, “By joining forces with esteemed organisations like Durioo+ and IKIM,  it allows us to present a diverse selection of programs that cater to the educational and entertainment needs of Muslim families, not just in Malaysia but globally as well, while fostering a deeper understanding of Islamic values and traditions, more so during this holy month.”

Durioo+ to Curate Captivating Shows Tailored for Muslim Families
As part of this partnership, Durioo+ is set to enrich the Qalbox viewing experience during Ramadan with an engaging lineup of kid’s content. This curated selection features popular shows such as Little Ammar, and Mina & Mila, that resonate with Muslim families’ aspirations for both entertainment and education. 

“The collaboration with Qalbox aligns with our mission to provide high-quality, entertaining, and educational content that fosters Islamic values and traditions. Our shows are crafted to spark children’s curiosity and inspire a love for learning about their faith in a fun and engaging manner. We are confident that this partnership will contribute to an enriching Ramadan experience for viewers on Qalbox and Durioo+ alike. This collaboration also entitles Qalbox users to get a special price to subscribe to the full Durioo+ experience,” says Sinan Ismail, Founder of Durioo+.

IKIM Bolsters Qalbox Content Lineup with Focus on Islamic Enrichment
IKIM’s contributions to Qalbox’s Ramadan lineup will showcase an assortment of content encompassing productions from a global Muslim community.  Their offerings delve into the core tenets of Islam, providing viewers with a deeper understanding of the religion’s fundamental principles. 

“We are delighted to partner with Qalbox and provide a valuable resource for viewers seeking to strengthen their spiritual foundation and observe the month of Ramadan in a meaningful way. Our contribution to Qalbox’s Ramadan lineup reflects our commitment to promoting a deeper understanding of Islam’s core principles within the global Muslim community, ” says Tuan Haji Ahmad Fuad bin Mat Ali, Director of Media Centre, IKIM.

As part of this collaboration, Muslim Pro is offering a special discount of 50% off a Muslim Pro Annual Premium to the first 500 IKIMfm listeners. Simply download the Muslim Pro app and subscribe for an account with code IKIM to enjoy this special discount, or visit For more information, tune in to IKIMfm every Saturday, 6.30PM and Tuesday, 3.10PM

Catch these titles on Qalbox via web browser ( or the Muslim Pro app, available on Android’s Play Store and Apple App Store. Free users of Qalbox will also be able to gain free full access to Qalbox for a limited time from 29th – 31st March 2024 in conjunction with Qalbox’s “Nuzul Al-Quran Weekend Special”. Download the Muslim Pro app and sign up for a Qalbox account now to enjoy this exclusive preview (mobile and web viewing only).

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Singapore-headquartered Muslim Pro,  a widely popular Muslim lifestyle application (app), today announced the launch of two new features: “Ask AiDeen,” an AI-powered Islamic chatbot, and new enhancements to its Quran feature, with Immerse, Memorise, and Learn functionalities. These enhancements  are designed for its users to foster a deeper understanding and connection with their religion, offering a more purposeful and introspective Ramadan experience on the go. 

The Quran is a core element in the Muslim Pro app and one of the most used features throughout the year. Recognising this, Muslim Pro has redesigned its Quran features to support Quran memorization and comprehension through user-friendly listening modes, interactive quizzes, and an expansive range of learning tools. These enhancements are meticulously crafted to cater to the varied needs of the Muslim community, ensuring a more purposeful and introspective Ramadan experience. 

Fara Abdullah, Chief Strategy Officer, Muslim Pro says, “We understand that reading and memorising the Quran is an important part of Ramadan for Indonesians. The inclusion of modern memorisation tools represents a harmonious blend of technology and traditional Quranic study methods, setting a new standard for Islamic educational apps.”

Muslim Pro is one of the first apps to offer digital Quranic lessons focusing on essential surahs with an added quiz component while the ‘Memorise’ feature is unique due to its inclusivity, as it caters to various types of learners including visual and auditory learners.

Ask AiDeen: Your AI-Powered Islamic Companion
Alongside the enhanced Quran and its new learning and memorising features, another key feature launched ahead of Ramadan is  an AI bot called “Ask AiDeen”, a Generative (Gen) AI-powered bot trained to answer Islamic queries based on authentic sources including the Quran and hadiths. Ask AiDeen addresses the challenge of finding verified and trustworthy information about Islam with ease and on the go. 

“Ask AiDeen is more than just a technological innovation; it’s a companion ready to support our users in their quest for religious knowledge anytime, anywhere,” says Fara.

Both the newly enhanced Quran functionalities and the Ask AiDeen feature will be accessible within the Muslim Pro app, rolling out on all iOS devices by March 5, 2024, and on Android devices by March 8, 2024. To ensure a seamless and an optimum experience through the holy month, users are strongly encouraged to update their app as soon as the update becomes available.

A Unified Goal: Enhancing Ramadan Experience
In addition to the introduction of these innovative features, Qalbox by Muslim Pro is poised to elevate the holy month with a carefully curated assortment of Ramadan specials. Additionally, Qalbox is enhancing its Ramadan content library through strategic partnerships, significantly expanding its offerings. This initiative is designed to enrich the Ramadan experience, offering diverse content that reflects the month’s spiritual significance. 

Through these efforts, Muslim Pro demonstrates its commitment to improving the spiritual well-being of Muslims in Indonesia and around the world, seamlessly blending technology with faith to deliver meaningful experiences that resonate with the community during Ramadan. 

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Qalbox by Muslim Pro, the entertainment streaming service renowned for its diverse global Muslim content, has joined forces with Astro to exclusively stream Muslim-focused content in Malaysia. In line with Muslim Pro‘s aim of becoming the digital home for all things Muslim,  this strategic alliance represents a pivotal moment in the country’s entertainment landscape, offering Astro’s customers an unparalleled selection of enriching Muslim-centric content, elevating the entertainment experience for viewers across the country. 

Under this collaboration, Qalbox will be available on all Astro Ultra and Ulti Boxes as an add-on, offering an extensive array of content for the Muslim community. As part of this strategic partnership, Astro customers who own an Ultra/Ulti Box will enjoy an exclusive two-month complimentary subscription to Qalbox, along with a Muslim Pro subscription, starting from July 27 2023 until September 26 2023.

​​The partnership was announced by the app’s Co-CEOs from Bitsmedia, Nik Emir Din and Fara Abdullah, along with Astro’s Group Chief Financial Officer, Shafiq Abdul Jabbar, and Director of Content, Agnes Rozario today.

[From the left] Host Munaa Bella, Bitsmedia's Co-CEOs Nik Emir Din and Fara Abdullah, Qalbox Original stars including Mat Dan and Dr. Syazwan Basil, along with Mr. and Mrs. Saidi, accompanied by Astro’s Director of Content, Agnes Rozario and Group Chief Financial Officer, Shafiq Abdul Jabbar.[From the left] Host Munaa Bella, Bitsmedia’s Co-CEOs Nik Emir Din and Fara Abdullah, Qalbox Original stars including Mat Dan and Dr. Syazwan Basil, along with Mr. and Mrs. Saidi, accompanied by Astro’s Director of Content, Agnes Rozario and Group Chief Financial Officer, Shafiq Abdul Jabbar.

Since the inception of Qalbox, which is readily accessible within the Muslim Pro app, on web and TV, Muslim Pro has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to investing in the Malaysian market. Acknowledging the nation’s young and tech-savvy Muslim population and the government’s vision of establishing Malaysia as a tech hub for Islamic content, Muslim Pro launched Qalbox in Kuala Lumpur in December 2022. 

The latest collaboration with Astro further strengthens Muslim Pro’s dedication to serving the Muslim community in Malaysia by enhancing accessibility for users. This partnership enables a more dedicated and seamless experience, ensuring that Muslim-focused content is readily available to a wider audience, enriching the entertainment landscape in Malaysia.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Astro, Malaysia’s leading entertainment provider, to expand Qalbox’s reach and impact within the Malaysian audience,” said Fara Abdullah, co-CEO of Muslim Pro. “Through this partnership, our vision of establishing ourselves as a global Muslim content and entertainment hub and providing a platform for Muslim creatives and filmmakers becomes more concrete. With our diverse content offerings, we are confident that Qalbox will deeply resonate with the Malaysian audience, delivering an unparalleled entertainment experience.”

Qalbox continuously aims to showcase Muslim identities and how faith is integrated in everyday lifestyles of Muslims via a comprehensive scope of genres, including iconic feature films, binge-worthy series, enlightening Islamic-focused documentaries, children’s animations, reality TV and much more. Viewers can delve into Qalbox originals, featuring thought-provoking series like “I Am Muslim,” heartwarming personal stories from “Food From the Heart,” and the emotionally uplifting recitation “Tadaruz Al-Quran.” For young minds, “Islam for Kids” and “Recite and Learn: The Word of Allah” offer engaging and educational content. Captivating series such as “Omar,” “The Sultan and Khan,” and “Little Mosque on the Prairie,” explore compelling narratives of Muslim culture. In short, Qalbox offers something for everyone. 

Shafiq Abdul Jabbar, Astro’s Group Chief Financial Officer said, “We are excited to announce Muslim Pro’s Qalbox on our platform, further enriching our suite of the best global streaming apps. Our Muslim viewers can enjoy Muslim-centric content with the addition of over 1,000 hours of Qalbox’s SVOD content available for streaming on our Ultra and Ulti Boxes. We now have compelling content from 12 streaming apps, including our own Astro GO app, which is complimentary to all customers. We are delighted to have this venture with Muslim Pro, the world’s most popular Muslim lifestyle app, and believe this will further complement Astro’s robust content offering, from Astro Signatures and Astro Originals, to the best in live sport and news, to children’s animation and now the rich diversity of Muslim cultures globally, all within a simple touch of a button.”

Both Astro and Muslim Pro are dedicated to nurturing a community of entertainment enthusiasts who find joy in culturally diverse and spiritually enriching content. This partnership promises to redefine entertainment for the Malaysian audience, providing a dedicated space that celebrates Muslim culture and identity within the comfort of their homes.

After the two-month complimentary access which ends on September 26, 2023, Astro customers may continue to access Qalbox and Muslim Pro by adding it to their subscription at an exclusive offer. Please visit for updates. Non-Ultra/Ulti Box customers who would like to redeem this free trial may upgrade to the Ultra/Ulti Box by contacting Astro’s Customer Service Centre at 03-9543 3838.

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Following their Ramadan campaign, Muslim Pro commits to donating 50% of its total subscription proceeds to PCRF, with a specific focus on purchasing Qurban meats for children in Palestine and their families this Eid al-Adha.

Muslim Pro, the world’s leading Muslim lifestyle app, and Qalbox, their Muslim-centric streaming service, announces a renewed partnership with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF).

Starting 9 June 2023, Muslim Pro will run a campaign on its annual premium subscription where 50% of all proceeds will be donated to PCRF. The funds raised through this partnership will be utilized to purchase Qurban meats, ensuring that children in Palestine have access to nutritious meals during the upcoming Eid al-Adha celebrations.

During Ramadan, Muslim Pro and PCRF collaborated to make an impact that reflected their shared commitment. By encouraging users to subscribe to premium, Muslim Pro donated USD 35,000 to support PCRF’s ongoing humanitarian projects and initiatives. These efforts are dedicated to providing essential medical care and critical aid to children affected by the ongoing conflict in Gaza and Palestine.

Fara Abdullah, co-CEO at Bitsmedia, spoke highly of the collaboration, saying, “Partnering with PCRF for our recently concluded Ramadan campaign has been an absolute honor. We firmly believe in the importance of supporting the children in Palestine who have been profoundly affected by the ongoing conflict.”

Fara added, “The generous contribution from our community of Muslim Pro and Qalbox users exemplifies our unwavering commitment to helping those in need, particularly the vulnerable children who have endured unimaginable hardship. Our renewed collaboration with PCRF aims to bring joy to their faces this Eid al-Adha, encapsulating the spirit of Hajj through the provision of Qurban meat to nourish the Palestinian children.”

An annual subscription to Muslim Pro entitles users to save up to 60% and ad-free access to all premium features in the app, including Qalbox, which is available on the web app, mobile (Android and iPhone), tablets, Chromecast, and now on Samsung Tizen TV, Android TV, and tvOS Apple TV.

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As part of their Ramadan 2023 campaign, Muslim Pro, the world’s leading Muslim lifestyle app has announced a lineup of exciting and fresh content on its new streaming service, Qalbox. This includes several original series, such as Food from The Heart and Simple Sahur. This is on top of a slate of popular licensed titles such as Omar, Bilal: A New Breed of Hero, and Sultan & The Khan. Users can expect more content to be released throughout Ramadan. 

Food from The Heart is an original series that follows several Muslim cooks around the world as they share how Islam has influenced their culinary journey. Its debut episode features an Australian female halal hunter, who shares her journey of providing fresh, halal meat for her family while embracing her Lebanese culture. Simple Sahur provides quick and easy-to-follow recipes for pre-dawn meals during Ramadan – especially useful for busy individuals. 

Meanwhile, some of the popular licensed titles include Omar, a historical saga about Omar Bin Al-Khattab, the second caliph and Commander of the Faithful, and his pivotal role in the Islamic State, Bilal: A New Breed of Hero, an Oscar-nominated film about a former Abyssinian slave who became the first person to recite the call to prayer, and Sultan & The Khan, a television series that focuses on the life of Jalal ad-Din Mingburnu of the Khwarazmian Empire, and how he faced Genghis Khan of the Mongol Empire. More details on these enriching programmes can be found on Annex.

Nik Emir Din, co-CEO at Bitsmedia said, “As we enter the holy month of Ramadan, we are committed to providing our users with the best possible tools to help them connect with their faith. With Qalbox, our intent is to bring families and friends together via enriching storytelling as they enliven their Ramadan days and nights with soulful and uplifting Muslim-friendly content on demand. Through our special promotions, we hope to encourage even more users to join our community and experience the one-stop resource and benefits of Muslim Pro’s premium features, including access to Qalbox originals and a rich library of Ramadan-focused content.”

Stand a chance to win an Umrah package sponsored by Muslim Pro and Syukran Travel

Muslim Pro is also the official sponsor of the Kampong Glam Ramadan Bazaar (Glam Eid Bazaar) this year. New users who either subscribe online or scan the QR code at Muslim Pro’s booth and subscribe to a premium plan (either annual or monthly) will stand a chance to win an Umrah package sponsored by Muslim Pro and Syukran Travel worth SGD $12,000. They will also enjoy $5 off their total spend with a minimum spend at partnering food and beverage vendors, Naughtyboyz and 47beverages. Exclusive to Glam Eid Bazaar, users who register at the event will be entitled to a 3-month free subscription of Muslim Pro Premium, including access to Qalbox and an ad-free experience of all features in the app. 

“Syukran Travel is delighted to announce its partnership with Muslim Pro, as we come together to sponsor Umrah packages for the community during the blessed month of Ramadan. Our shared vision of providing meaningful experiences and valuable resources to the Muslim community allows us to offer a unique opportunity for spiritual growth and well-being. With our focus on “Umrah With Knowledge” and Muslim Pro’s commitment to excellent service, we aim to facilitate unforgettable experiences for all pilgrims and contribute to their journey towards becoming progressive Muslims,” said Ismail Sapari, CEO of Syukran Travel. 

The app promises to be your digital companion this Ramadan with a comprehensive array of features in its premium subscription including: 

  • Ad-free experience of the app
  • Unlimited streaming of Muslim-focused films, children’s programmes, documentaries, and more on Qalbox
  • Ability to download audio recitations of the Quran (offline listening)
  • Selection of global adhan voices such as Yusuf Islam from the United Kingdom and Muzammil Hasballah from Indonesia. 
  • Selection of popular Quran reciters including Mishary Rashid Alafasy and Abdul Basid ‘Abd us-Samad
  • Accessing a wealth of content in the Inspiration section (articles, hadiths, infographics quotes, etc.) 
  • Selecting different colour themes for the app
  • Customising prayer times in the widget

Users can browse and enjoy Qalbox’s catalogue of content ad-free via the Muslim Pro app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store), web app, tablets, Chromecast and soon on Samsung Tizen TV, Android, and tvOS Apple TV.

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Qalbox, the new global subscription video on demand (SVOD) streaming service from Bitsmedia (developer of the world’s leading Muslim lifestyle mobile app Muslim Pro), officially launched in Malaysia today. 

Available within the Muslim Pro app, Qalbox hosts a wide-ranging library of content that celebrates global Muslim identities and cultures, creating a global platform for Muslim-focused titles. It seeks to deliver a comprehensive and curated scope of genres for the global Muslim community, showcasing diverse representations and nuances of Muslims worldwide spanning from the Americas and Europe to the Middle East and Asia.  

With Malaysia being one of its key consumer markets, Bitsmedia is expanding its local presence through a strategic investment from Bintang Capital Partners and Penjana Kapital. The investment is part of Bitsmedia’s growth capital fundraising round to support the roll out of Qalbox to a global audience and accelerate Qalbox’s content offering expansion pipeline. As part of the launch, Qalbox has signed content partnerships with local content distributors like Astro, Pixel Play, and Nads Media in order to showcase Southeast Asian content for its audiences in Malaysia and the rest of the world.


A Celebration of Muslim Culture

In Southeast Asia, there’s a growing appetite for over-the-top content (OTT) consumption, with at least a third of the region’s population now streaming content. The study found that younger audiences are driving the shift across the region, with 44% of viewership coming from Millennials and Gen Zers, aged 16 to 34.

However, there is a massive gap for faith-based content suitable for tech-savvy, Muslim audiences. Amongst Muslim Pro users, a survey found that 7 in 10 respondents struggled with having to tap into multiple sources and platforms when seeking viewer-appropriate and relevant content. Indeed, only 1% of TV characters are Muslim, despite representing a quarter of the global population.  

Qalbox’s wide-ranging catalogue hopes to address this by shining a spotlight on Muslim identities and culture. The  SVOD service also aims to support Muslim content creators and creatives to share their voices and stories on the platform, catering to a global audience. Local viewers will have access to a wide variety of Muslim friendly content from around the world, including stand-up comedy Maz Jobrani: Pandemic Warrior (Highpoint Productions), television series Little Mosque on the Prairie (Westwind Pictures), Emmy-nominated children’s animation series Burka Avenger (Unicorn Black Studios) as well as Quranic recitations and supplications (du’a).

Qalbox Original Series: I AM MUSLIM

Beyond globally acquired content, Qalbox will also be producing its own original content as it looks to provide greater value to its viewers and to support and encourage greater Muslim representation in the entertainment scene. First in its slate of original content is I am Muslim series which premieres at Qalbox’s official launch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Available to stream on 1 December 2022, the short docu-series takes an intimate look at the lives of a select group of Muslim individuals from around the world with fascinating stories and intriguing lives. The show is an exploration of the how the Islamic faith resonates for each featured individual, revealing the similarities in the Muslim identity that is shared by millions across the world. 

Nik Emir Din, Co-CEO of Bitsmedia, said, “As the world’s leading Muslim lifestyle mobile app, we’ve seen how Muslim consumers are widely under-served, and we hope to close this gap with Qalbox. Our varied content not only represents the diverse Muslim community, it also entertains users with a variety of global titles. We hope Malaysian audiences will enjoy this diverse catalogue, which depicts the Muslim experience from around the world.”

“Muslim representation in media is important, and so is empowering Muslim storytellers with a platform to tell their own stories. Given our global user base, we’re thrilled to be able to help shine a light on locally produced Malaysian shows with audiences all over the world and we hope to introduce even more Malaysian productions in the future.”

Johan Rozali-Wathooth, Founder of Bintang Capital Partner, said, “The launch of Qalbox marks a major revolutionary step in Bitsmedia’s journey since Bintang made our inaugural investment in the company five years ago. Qalbox is already starting to provide Muslim audiences worldwide with the high quality, wholesome Muslim-inspired content they richly deserve, through a highly innovative multi-channel platform. We believe that through Qalbox, we can potentially create massive social impact by streaming content that educates and inspires Muslim communities all over the world. It also represents an unparalleled opportunity for us to showcase the diversity and variety of Muslim culture and lifestyles to a truly global audience, and we hope that by doing so, we can bring these communities closer together.”

Qalbox can be accessed through the Muslim Pro app with a 2-in-1 subscription, giving Muslim Pro users two offerings within a single mobile app. Besides enjoying Muslim Pro app ad-free and being able to unlock their favourite Quran reciters, users will also have access to hundreds of hours of Qalbox’s films, documentaries, kids’ programmes and more. 

In celebration of its launch here, Malaysian users can get Qalbox at a promotional price of RM 4.90/month or an annual subscription plan of RM 49.90/year for a limited time only.

Qalbox is available for viewing on mobile, web app, tablets and SMART TV Chromecasting. 

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    • Bitsmedia introduces Qalbox at its first participation in the 38th International Co-Production & Entertainment Content Market – #MIPCOM.
    • Aside from promoting the visibility of Muslim people on screen, Qalbox is also seeking more programs from MENA regions.

 Co-CEO, Fara Abdullah, was in Cannes to share about Qalbox which was recently launched in July inside the Muslim Pro app. Qalbox is a global subscription video on demand (SVOD) entertainment streaming service that hosts a library of content that celebrates Muslim identities and cultures worldwide.

“Qalbox is open to all content formats. Scripted, unscripted, factual, documentary, feature films, children’s, sports, series and specials. Our key consideration is finding content that connects to our Muslim audience through its stories, characters, settings, and experiences.”

“One of the reasons we’re here at MIPCOM is because Turkey is one of our fastest growing entertainment markets and we are looking to leverage great Turkish content for Qalbox. Additionally,  we are eyeing content from the MENA or GCC region as well,” said Fara. 

Among the content distributors Bitsmedia networked with were Turkey-based Raya Group, Blue Media, Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), Bahrain’s FableMill as well as Samsung Europe’s Women’s Networking event.

Ramazan Yirmibesoglu, Founder of Raya Group

Ramazan Yirmibesoglu, Founder of Raya Group (right).

Doruk Yenihayat, Sales and Acquisition Operation of Blue Media

Doruk Yenihayat, Sales and Acquisition Operation of Blue Media (left).

The global Muslim community has diverse interests, based on a recent survey by Muslim Pro in May 2022.

“While 55% of the users seek faith-driven content such as Islamic documentaries on history, heritage, and Quran recitations, others prefer secular content that represent Muslim identities and cultures.”  

Apart from being global entertainment for Muslims worldwide, Qalbox footing aims to increase Muslims’ visibility and portrayal on screen, putting Muslim cast at its forefront or as lead characters.

According to The Muslim Blueprint, although 25% of the world’s population is Muslim, only 1% of TV characters are Muslim and although Muslims are one of the world’s most racially and ethnically diverse groups, 66.7% of Muslim characters portrayed were Middle Eastern/North African ethnicities.

To date, Bitsmedia has acquired content from six out of seven continents including North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, as well as Oceania.

Bitsmedia is also slated to produce original content for Qalbox, with one being made in Singapore while another coming out of Malaysia as well as Latin America – both in the pipeline for the next twelve months.

Additionally, part of Qalbox’s mission includes encouraging content creators and creatives worldwide to embrace diverse Muslim narratives and understand the significance of Muslim representation on screen. 

“The global Muslim community is not homogenous. We hope that Qalbox will play an instrumental role in breaking down the conventional storylines and stereotypes that have stinted towards the Muslim experiences for a while now.”

“In addition to highlighting unique content, we hope that our platform will also serve as a space for Muslim filmmakers and producers to showcase their work. I am excited for Qalbox to make waves in the streaming and entertainment space! ” Fara added.

Qalbox users can now stream from the Muslim Pro app on their iOS and Android devices, as well as the web app, which includes chromecasting, and soon on SMART TV. New users can also enjoy a 7-day free trial which also gives access to the full features of the Muslim Pro app such as their favourite Quran reciters, call to prayer audio, and many more, ad-free.

-END –


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Bitsmedia Press at

    • An award-winning animated hit series in Pakistan about a female teacher who fights for education and justice is now available on Qalbox in English.

The newest Muslim streaming service, Qalbox, is the first to acquire Emmy-nominated animation series, Burka Avenger, entirely dubbed in English.

Burka Avenger is a groundbreaking children’s animated series from Pakistan that introduces a burqa-clad superheroine as a lead character. Produced by acclaimed creator and director Haroon Rashid from Unicorn Black Studios, the series has been viewed over 200 million times and was named one of Time Magazine’s Most Influential Fictional Characters in 2013winning six international awards.

“What platforms like Qalbox do is that they help to break down barriers, build bridges, dispel some of the stereotypes against Muslims and then one can see, okay, well, you know, the truth is, no matter what your beliefs are, we’re all really the same people with the same goals which is peace and love,” says Haroon Rashid, series creator and director of Burka Avenger at Unicorn Black.

“We’re very excited that Burka Avenger is streaming on Qalbox. And it’s the first time it’s streaming in English. The English versions are absolutely spectacular!”

Burka Avenger shares the adventures of a passionate school teacher by day, Jiya, and burka-clad alter ego by night – all in the name of female empowerment, justice, peace and education for all by using books and pens as projectile weapons.

Fara Abdullah, the co-CEO at Bitsmedia said, “The cartoon uses ironic symbolism – the burqa, which is commonly regarded as a symbol of subservience, is considered as strength, and Jiya uses books and pens as weapons, implying that knowledge is the most powerful form of weapon of all.”

“Burka Avenger is a stunning show from both an animation and storytelling perspective. We are always on the lookout for shows with themes that Muslims could resonate with,” Fara added.

“It is an honor for us to be the first streaming platform to exclusively offer this show in English for our global Muslim audience to enjoy,” said Nik Emir Din, co-CEO of Bitsmedia.

As of today, Bitsmedia has been through the screening process of more than 5,000 hours of content and partnered with dozens of content providers from all corners of the world, including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, UAE, France, Austria, Malaysia, Singapore, and more.

Qalbox viewers can now stream Burka Avenger in the Muslim Pro app on both iOS and Android devices, as well as on the web app. Users may also cast directly on their TVs or through a chromecast device. New users can enjoy a 7-day free trial which also gives access to the full features of the Muslim Pro app such as the adhan ad-free.




About Our Partner

Unicorn Black is a multi-award winning transmedia production company (including Peabody Award winner and International Emmy nominee). Unicorn Black’s pioneer project is the critically acclaimed and multi-award winning Pakistani 3D Animated TV Series Burka Avenger which has made headlines worldwide. Unicorn Black strives to combine education with entertainment via its productions to engage, empower and inspire viewers. These include animated videos promoting peace and tolerance in society and Public Service Messages (PSMs) to educate the youth. Founded and run by producer, director and music star Haroon, the company works on a wide range of creative and innovative production and tech projects. Unicorn Black has a staff of over 70 full-time employees with our office located in Pakistan.

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Bitsmedia Press at


As part of its plans to complement the launch, Muslim Pro is launching a price promotion on its annual subscription for all users across key markets. Users can enjoy premium features of the Muslim Pro app ad-free, as well as stream Qalbox for a limited period.

The price change will be reflected with effect from 10 October 2022:


Annual price (Old)

Annual price (Promo)

Monthly promo price





Indonesia (IDR)




Malaysia (MYR)




Singapore (SGD)




France (EUR)








Russia (RUB)




Canada (CAD)




India (INR)




Thailand (THB)




Nigeria (NGN)




Australia (AUD)




Saudi Arabia (SAR)




Sweden (SEK)




Pakistan (PKR)




Philippines (PHP)




Ghana (USD)




Egypt (EGP)








Turkey (TRY)





Qalbox is available in the Muslim Pro app with a 2-in-1 subscription, which gives users access to all premium features of the app such as:

  • Streaming shows and movies on Qalbox 
  • Downloading audio recitations of the Quran (Listen offline)
  • Selecting different types of adhan (call to prayer) audio 
  • Selecting different Quran audio recitations
  • Selecting different colour themes for the app
  • Customising prayer times in the widget
  • Seamless access to all in-app features without ads

 All unsubscribed users are invited to check out the 7-day free trial before making any commitments to either purchase or upgrade their plan. Users may also opt for monthly billing or a 2-year plan.

Speaking about this promotion, Nik Emir Din, CEO at Bitsmedia said, “We are excited to run our first ever promotion for Qalbox, and what better way than to kickstart this at the start of Rabi’ al-Awwal, the birth month of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). We want our users to have the best in-app experience and be the one-stop platform for all things Muslim. This starts with the accessibility of our service to the people that matter most — our users”.

Users can browse and enjoy Qalbox’s catalogue of content ad-free via the web app or the Muslim Pro app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store).

  • Astro and Pixel Play will be supplying various Malaysian and Indonesian titles to Bitsmedia’s streaming platform, Qalbox
  • Over 30 hours of Malaysian and Indonesian titles will be added to Qalbox’s content library 

In celebration of local Southeast Asian content, Qalbox has teamed up with content partners Astro and Pixel Play to deliver Malaysian and Indonesian films such as Seandainya Kau Ada (2021), Aku Bunga (2020), Cinta Paling Agung (2015), Hijab (2015), Jilbab Traveller: Love Sparks in Korea (2016) and many more in the coming months. However, the content titles from Astro will not be available to Qalbox subscribers from Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.

“We are very excited to build a platform where Muslims from all walks of life feel a sense of belonging and authentic representation with Qalbox. By creating an entertainment platform catered for Muslims, we aim to provide content through a distinctly Muslim lens that takes into account various cultural nuances. Beyond that, we also designed the app to suit the evolving needs of the global Muslim community. Qalbox not only provides access to ad-free content, it has multi-streaming capabilities, and a 2-in-1 service where  users are  able to access the Muslim Pro app features to provide an overall holistic mobile experience for Muslims,” said Nik Emir Din, Co-CEO of Bitsmedia.  

“Qalbox seeks to deliver a comprehensive, curated, and diverse scope of genres for the global Muslim community, to discover and enjoy on a smart and secure streaming platform. We aim to provide a platform for Muslim film makers and creators to shine their light and give Muslims around the world a voice in the ever growing digital space. With Qalbox, we hope to inform and entertain subscribers through these stories,” said Fara Abdullah, Co-CEO of Bitsmedia. 

“We are excited to be a part of this journey together with Qalbox. It’s a unique opportunity to have content that features Muslim voices from Southeast Asia reach a global audience,” said Bront Palarae, CEO of Pixel Play.

“We at Astro always strive to elevate our work to the next level, and we are excited to be in partnership with Qalbox to present the best of Malaysian content to Muslim communities and audiences around the globe. We trust this initiative would not only provide entertainment value to audiences, but will also introduce our local culture to the world.” – said Vice President, Malay Nusantara Business and Head of Astro Shaw, Raja Jastina Raja Arshad.

The new global SVOD streaming service is available within the Muslim Pro app, giving Muslim Pro users two services within a single app. Users will be able to browse and enjoy Qalbox’s catalogue of content ad-free via the web app or the Muslim Pro app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store).