In a strategic move designed to elevate the entertainment experience for Muslim families during the month of Ramadan, Qalbox by Muslim Pro, a global  SVOD platform, announces a partnership with Durioo+, a renowned Islamic content provider focused on Muslim kids-friendly entertainment, and the Institute of Islamic Understanding (IKIM), one of Asia’s most prominent Islamic networks. 

Durioo+ will introduce shows catered to the educational and entertainment needs of Muslim families. IKIM, on the other hand, will contribute a diverse range of content including documentaries, educational series, and programs featuring renowned scholars, offering viewers a deeper understanding of Islam’s core principles.

Recognising the growing demand for entertainment that weaves recreation with Islamic principles, Qalbox is committed to delivering spiritually meaningful content to its users as they observe the holy month of Ramadan.

Fara Abdullah, Chief Strategy Officer, Muslim Pro & Qalbox says, “By joining forces with esteemed organisations like Durioo+ and IKIM,  it allows us to present a diverse selection of programs that cater to the educational and entertainment needs of Muslim families, not just in Malaysia but globally as well, while fostering a deeper understanding of Islamic values and traditions, more so during this holy month.”

Durioo+ to Curate Captivating Shows Tailored for Muslim Families
As part of this partnership, Durioo+ is set to enrich the Qalbox viewing experience during Ramadan with an engaging lineup of kid’s content. This curated selection features popular shows such as Little Ammar, and Mina & Mila, that resonate with Muslim families’ aspirations for both entertainment and education. 

“The collaboration with Qalbox aligns with our mission to provide high-quality, entertaining, and educational content that fosters Islamic values and traditions. Our shows are crafted to spark children’s curiosity and inspire a love for learning about their faith in a fun and engaging manner. We are confident that this partnership will contribute to an enriching Ramadan experience for viewers on Qalbox and Durioo+ alike. This collaboration also entitles Qalbox users to get a special price to subscribe to the full Durioo+ experience,” says Sinan Ismail, Founder of Durioo+.

IKIM Bolsters Qalbox Content Lineup with Focus on Islamic Enrichment
IKIM’s contributions to Qalbox’s Ramadan lineup will showcase an assortment of content encompassing productions from a global Muslim community.  Their offerings delve into the core tenets of Islam, providing viewers with a deeper understanding of the religion’s fundamental principles. 

“We are delighted to partner with Qalbox and provide a valuable resource for viewers seeking to strengthen their spiritual foundation and observe the month of Ramadan in a meaningful way. Our contribution to Qalbox’s Ramadan lineup reflects our commitment to promoting a deeper understanding of Islam’s core principles within the global Muslim community, ” says Tuan Haji Ahmad Fuad bin Mat Ali, Director of Media Centre, IKIM.

As part of this collaboration, Muslim Pro is offering a special discount of 50% off a Muslim Pro Annual Premium to the first 500 IKIMfm listeners. Simply download the Muslim Pro app and subscribe for an account with code IKIM to enjoy this special discount, or visit For more information, tune in to IKIMfm every Saturday, 6.30PM and Tuesday, 3.10PM

Catch these titles on Qalbox via web browser ( or the Muslim Pro app, available on Android’s Play Store and Apple App Store. Free users of Qalbox will also be able to gain free full access to Qalbox for a limited time from 29th – 31st March 2024 in conjunction with Qalbox’s “Nuzul Al-Quran Weekend Special”. Download the Muslim Pro app and sign up for a Qalbox account now to enjoy this exclusive preview (mobile and web viewing only).

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Singapore-headquartered Muslim Pro, a widely popular Muslim lifestyle application (app), today announced their Umrah giveaway for its vast subscriber base in Indonesia. The giveaway, proudly sponsored by AQUA, Indonesia’s pioneering bottled water company, aims to provide several lucky subscribers with a once-in-a-lifetime Umrah journey.

The giveaway runs from 8 March to 9 April 2024, enabling three lucky users who signed up for the Muslim Pro’s annual premium plan during the month of Ramadan and their chosen companions (totalling 6 participants) to embark on this spiritual journey.

Ahteram Uddin, Chief Business Officer, Muslim Pro said, “We’re excited to work with an organization like AQUA to reinforce our services for Indonesian users. This giveaway emphasises our dedication to deliver enriching experiences that cater to the diverse requirements of the Muslim community during the holy month of Ramadan.”

Responding to this giveaway, Vera Galuh Sugijanto, VP General Secretary, Danone Indonesia commented, “This sponsorship is part of AQUA’s commitment to always be present on various occasions with communities and families in Indonesia, including this special moment of the holy month of Ramadan. As a product that is 100% Indonesian and Halal certified, we hope that this giveaway can provide inspiration and enthusiasm for all of us to carry out worship in the blessed month of Ramadan. AQUA also holds a series of activities during the month of Ramadan with partners to continue to inspire people to increase their worship in this holy month while maintaining health and being well hydrated. With AQUA which is 100% pure in the holy month.”

Through this giveaway, Muslim Pro and AQUA are eager to give back to the community, particularly during this holy month, aligning with the vision and mission of both companies.

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Singapore-headquartered Muslim Pro,  a widely popular Muslim lifestyle application (app), today announced the launch of two new features: “Ask AiDeen,” an AI-powered Islamic chatbot, and new enhancements to its Quran feature, with Immerse, Memorise, and Learn functionalities. These enhancements  are designed for its users to foster a deeper understanding and connection with their religion, offering a more purposeful and introspective Ramadan experience on the go. 

The Quran is a core element in the Muslim Pro app and one of the most used features throughout the year. Recognising this, Muslim Pro has redesigned its Quran features to support Quran memorization and comprehension through user-friendly listening modes, interactive quizzes, and an expansive range of learning tools. These enhancements are meticulously crafted to cater to the varied needs of the Muslim community, ensuring a more purposeful and introspective Ramadan experience. 

Fara Abdullah, Chief Strategy Officer, Muslim Pro says, “We understand that reading and memorising the Quran is an important part of Ramadan for Indonesians. The inclusion of modern memorisation tools represents a harmonious blend of technology and traditional Quranic study methods, setting a new standard for Islamic educational apps.”

Muslim Pro is one of the first apps to offer digital Quranic lessons focusing on essential surahs with an added quiz component while the ‘Memorise’ feature is unique due to its inclusivity, as it caters to various types of learners including visual and auditory learners.

Ask AiDeen: Your AI-Powered Islamic Companion
Alongside the enhanced Quran and its new learning and memorising features, another key feature launched ahead of Ramadan is  an AI bot called “Ask AiDeen”, a Generative (Gen) AI-powered bot trained to answer Islamic queries based on authentic sources including the Quran and hadiths. Ask AiDeen addresses the challenge of finding verified and trustworthy information about Islam with ease and on the go. 

“Ask AiDeen is more than just a technological innovation; it’s a companion ready to support our users in their quest for religious knowledge anytime, anywhere,” says Fara.

Both the newly enhanced Quran functionalities and the Ask AiDeen feature will be accessible within the Muslim Pro app, rolling out on all iOS devices by March 5, 2024, and on Android devices by March 8, 2024. To ensure a seamless and an optimum experience through the holy month, users are strongly encouraged to update their app as soon as the update becomes available.

A Unified Goal: Enhancing Ramadan Experience
In addition to the introduction of these innovative features, Qalbox by Muslim Pro is poised to elevate the holy month with a carefully curated assortment of Ramadan specials. Additionally, Qalbox is enhancing its Ramadan content library through strategic partnerships, significantly expanding its offerings. This initiative is designed to enrich the Ramadan experience, offering diverse content that reflects the month’s spiritual significance. 

Through these efforts, Muslim Pro demonstrates its commitment to improving the spiritual well-being of Muslims in Indonesia and around the world, seamlessly blending technology with faith to deliver meaningful experiences that resonate with the community during Ramadan. 

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Muslim Pro, the leading lifestyle application for the global Muslim community, announced its fundraiser with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) to extend urgent humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. 

The funds raised will help in delivering crucial, life-saving medical relief and humanitarian aid including food, clean water, and healthcare as immediate relief to victims, especially the innocent children affected by the ongoing crisis.

The Urgent Need for Compassion

In the face of the current instability and conflict in the region, Muslim Pro recognizes the immediate need for compassionate action. The partnership aims to support medical and essential supply deliveries, ensuring that over one million children in the Gaza Strip receive the urgent medical care and humanitarian aid they need.

“Our goal is to channel the inherent compassion and solidarity among our Muslim Pro users towards a critical cause. We strongly believe that by coming together as one community, we can make a significant impact,” says Nafees Khundker, Managing Director of Muslim Pro and Qalbox.

“As the leading humanitarian force on the ground in the Gaza Strip, PCRF is working tirelessly to bridge the gap in access to essential resources and urgent medical care for the children affected by the ongoing conflict. We wholly support their efforts, especially in such dire times,” he added.

How to Contribute

Starting today, Muslim Pro and Qalbox users can donate to PCRF directly via the link at  on the PCRF website. All proceeds will go towards medical aid, food, and shelter for children and victims in the Gaza strip.

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Muslim Pro proudly announces its 14th-year anniversary celebration, a significant milestone for the world’s leading Muslim lifestyle app. With a remarkable journey that began over a decade ago, Muslim Pro has solidified its position as the global leader in the digital Islamic space, boasting an impressive milestone of over 150 million downloads. 

As part of the celebration, Muslim Pro will be rolling out various activities and features throughout the campaign period. Users can expect:

  • Webinar: Several notable Muslim figures will participate in live webinars on 24 September, including Brother Belal Elkadri – a motivational speaker, community outreach coordinator with The Family Youth Institute, and former host of Noor Kids News – focusing on gratitude as a Muslim perspective.


  • Weekend Watch: A collection of 14 titles available for free viewing during weekends including newest drama film “Rabia & Olivia”, starring Bollywood actress Sheeba Chaddha, winner of the 2022 Filmfare Award for Best Supporting role, and a Qalbox original, titled “I am Muslim” starring revert celebrity, radio and television host from Malaysia, Mat Dan, about opening one’s heart to finding faith.

    It also features the premiere of a Learn Islam by Noor Kids episode where the host Brother Amin and Imam Wisam Sharieff highlight the importance of expressing gratitude, setting the stage for the theme that echoes throughout the campaign.


  • Gratitude Journal: Access additional content, including articles, downloadable Gratitude Journal PDFs, and inspirational wallpapers to infuse daily life with positive reflections available in the Muslim Pro app and on Muslim Pro’s Instagram page. 

The anniversary campaign will run from now to 24 September 2023. It marks a significant milestone in Muslim Pro’s journey of serving the global Muslim community. The theme, “Gratitude in Every Step,” reflects the app’s profound appreciation for the trust and support it has received over the years. As part of the celebrations, Muslim Pro aims to highlight the app’s growth over the years, nodding to the feedback and suggestions from its users around the world that have led the app to where it is today.

Reflecting on this milestone, Nik Emir Din, co-CEO of Muslim Pro, said, “Our journey over the last 14 years is a testament to the remarkable voyage we’ve shared with millions of Muslims around the world. ‘Gratitude in Every Step’ reflects the deep appreciation we feel for the trust and unwavering support from our community. 

This gratitude extends beyond words to meaningful actions. Through our partnership with UNICEF, we’ve raised a total of USD $220,000. This includes directing nearly USD $60,000 to assist the victims of the Türkiye-Syria earthquake and contributing over USD $100,000 to humanitarian initiatives in Afghanistan.

As we move forward, we will continue to honor the trust and support we’ve received by actively giving back to the community, embodying the spirit of ‘Gratitude in Every Step’ in all that we do.” 

Since its inception in 2009, Muslim Pro has dedicated itself to providing comprehensive and innovative digital solutions to enhance the lives of Muslims around the world with the most accurate religious utility features and robust selection of lifestyle content.

evolution of the muslim pro app across 14 years

Presently, integrated with Qalbox – a global entertainment streaming feature that embraces the diverse global Muslim identities and cultures – Muslim Pro has now transitioned into an open platform. Qalbox embodies this visionary approach by seamlessly integrating its content video platform within the app, aspiring to become the preeminent digital hub encompassing all facets of the Muslim experience, ‘The Digital Home for All Things Muslim.”

Join Muslim Pro in celebrating “Gratitude in Every Step: Celebrating 14 Years Together.” Follow the campaign updates on social media @muslimprooficial using the hashtag #14YearsofMuslimPro and visit for more information.


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Bitsmedia, the developer and publisher of Singapore-based Muslim Pro, the world’s leading Muslim lifestyle app, has announced that it has surpassed a remarkable milestone of 150 million downloads worldwide. This achievement cements Muslim Pro’s position as the leading lifestyle app, that caters to the diverse needs of millions of Muslims globally. According to, as of May 2023, Muslim Pro is the number one mobile app from Singapore as well as Southeast Asia in the lifestyle category by cumulative downloads. It is also one of the top 25 mobile apps overall from Singapore by cumulative downloads. 

Fara Abdullah, co-CEO at Bitsmedia said, “We are grateful for the overwhelming support Muslim Pro has received, surpassing the significant milestone of 150 million downloads. This achievement is testament to our ongoing dedication to empowering Muslims worldwide and ensuring that they have access to essential resources and an enriching digital experience.” 

Since its inception in 2010, Muslim Pro has been empowering individuals to enhance their spiritual journey. The app provides a comprehensive suite of features, including accurate prayer times, Qibla direction, the Holy Quran, Islamic calendars, and various other invaluable resources, all seamlessly integrated within a user-friendly interface.  

Bitsmedia continues to innovate and cater to the evolving needs of its users. Its recently launched streaming service, Qalbox, attracted an average of 15 million monthly visitors since January 2023. Users can browse and enjoy Qalbox’s catalogue of content ad-free via the Muslim Pro app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store), web app, tablets, Chromecast and Samsung Tizen TV, Android, and tvOS Apple TV. 

The success of Muslim Pro would not have been possible without the trust and support of its users, partners, and the wider community. To commemorate the milestone and show Muslim Pro’s appreciation to its subscribers, Bitsmedia presented Umrah packages to three lucky users as part of a giveaway in partnership with Syukran Travel. This was done at a recent luncheon at Muslim Pro’s 68-staff main headquarters in Keppel, to celebrate its latest achievement. 

Muslim Pro, the world’s leading Muslim lifestyle app, has achieved a significant milestone  surpassing 150 million downloads globally, setting the stage for big plans in the next 12 months. The app started back in 2009, as a way to help millions of Muslims practice Islam everyday. Since then, the app has been translated into 22  different languages with more than 60 translations of the Quran available within the app. It made waves in Malaysia when the streaming service, Qalbox, was introduced into the app back in December 2022.

“As we celebrate this milestone, we are thrilled to announce that a staggering 12 million downloads come from Malaysia alone. This achievement signifies Malaysia as a pivotal growth driver for Muslim Pro and Qalbox which is appealing to the tech-savvy and young Muslim population in the country. Thanks to the community’s support, Muslim Pro was the No.1 mobile app downloaded in Malaysia during this past Ramadan across all categories,” said Fara Abdullah, co-CEO of Muslim Pro. “We would also like to attribute our success to our strategic partnerships with companies like Maxis and Viu Malaysia, which played a vital role in our success.” 

Bitsmedia, the parent company of Muslim Pro and Qalbox, has always eyed Malaysia as a key growth driver for the brand because of the prominent Muslim community in Malaysia. By forging strategic partnerships with companies like Maxis and Viu, Muslim Pro has solidified its position as a key player in the Malaysian market. To show their commitment, Muslim Pro plans to take substantial strides by expanding its local team by threefold over the next 24 months. 

Nik Emir Din, co-CEO of Bitsmedia, added, “With the funding we have received from local partners Bintang Capital Partners and Penjana Kapital Sdn. Bhd  in Q4 last year, coupled with the fact that our global content acquisitions team are based in our Kuala Lumpur office, we will be able to double down our physical presence in the country and establish Malaysia as the content hub for the region and beyond.” He added “As we continue to expand our operations in the Malaysian market, we are actively seeking additional funding to fuel our growth plans. This will help us further strengthen our position as the leading player in our space.” 

Fara Abdullah further added, “The recent launch of Qalbox in Kuala Lumpur along with content acquisitions from partners like Astro, Pixel Play and Nads Media showcase our determination to engage and collaborate with Malaysian talents and content, such as our recent Qalbox originals “I Am Muslim” and “Food From the Heart”.

To date, Bitsmedia has spent over RM 3 million in content, collaborating  with Malaysia content providers, production houses and post-production companies to position Malaysia as a content hub for the region and globally as well. Looking ahead at future plans, Muslim Pro aims to allocate 50% of its upcoming annual content budget to the Malaysian market, thereby reinforcing its commitment towards working with local talents and building strong content partnerships. This is in line with Muslim Pro and Qalbox’s longer term aspirations to become a household brands firmly rooted in the Malaysian market.

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Muslim Pro, the world’s leading Muslim lifestyle app with over 150 million downloads, is excited to announce a 10-day giveaway event in celebration of the season of Hajj, culminating with the joyous occasion of Hari Raya Haji. This giveaway campaign during the Hajj season aims to reward and engage Muslim Pro users in Malaysia by offering exciting prizes and special promotions.

Commencing on the 16th of June 2023 and continuing until the 25th of June 2023, Muslim Pro will be giving away a total of 10 remarkable prizes to lucky users in Malaysia. The prizes include a mix of travel packages to destinations like Baitulmaqdis, Jordan, and the Balkans, as well as the latest in tech gadgets such as an Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and an Apple TV 4K, and more. 

During this campaign Muslim Pro will unveil a new prize each day leading up to Hari Raya Haji, thereby creating excitement and anticipation across the 10 days. To participate and become eligible for this giveaway, users need to register to an annual subscription Muslim Pro Premium between 16 June to 25 June. By subscribing, users not only gain access to exclusive features and an ad-free experience but also unlock the opportunity to win the aforementioned prizes. 

“As we commemorate the month of Hajj, we are thrilled to launch the 10 day giveaway as a heartfelt gesture of gratitude to our valued Muslim Pro community in Malaysia,” said Nik Emir Din, the co-CEO of Muslim Pro.

“This is our way of giving back to our Malaysian users who have shown unwavering support of our Muslim Pro app from the very beginning. We sincerely hope that these prizes and promotions bring joy and blessings to our users during this blessed time.”

Additionally, Muslim Pro is thrilled to extend a special offer on its annual Premium subscription for users in Malaysia at the unbeatable price of only RM24.90 per year. By subscribing to the Premium package, users will enjoy an ad-free experience across all features within the Muslim Pro app, including full access to Qalbox, a global subscription video on demand (SVOD) entertainment streaming service that is available in the Muslim Pro app.

This limited-time promotion allows users to experience the full suite of Muslim Pro’s features such as downloading audio recitations of the Quran to listen offline, access to global adhan voices such as Yusuf Islam from the United Kingdom and Muzammil Hasballah from Indonesia, and selection of popular Quran reciters including Mishary Rashid Alafasy and Abdul Basid ‘Abd us-Samad.

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Following their Ramadan campaign, Muslim Pro commits to donating 50% of its total subscription proceeds to PCRF, with a specific focus on purchasing Qurban meats for children in Palestine and their families this Eid al-Adha.

Muslim Pro, the world’s leading Muslim lifestyle app, and Qalbox, their Muslim-centric streaming service, announces a renewed partnership with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF).

Starting 9 June 2023, Muslim Pro will run a campaign on its annual premium subscription where 50% of all proceeds will be donated to PCRF. The funds raised through this partnership will be utilized to purchase Qurban meats, ensuring that children in Palestine have access to nutritious meals during the upcoming Eid al-Adha celebrations.

During Ramadan, Muslim Pro and PCRF collaborated to make an impact that reflected their shared commitment. By encouraging users to subscribe to premium, Muslim Pro donated USD 35,000 to support PCRF’s ongoing humanitarian projects and initiatives. These efforts are dedicated to providing essential medical care and critical aid to children affected by the ongoing conflict in Gaza and Palestine.

Fara Abdullah, co-CEO at Bitsmedia, spoke highly of the collaboration, saying, “Partnering with PCRF for our recently concluded Ramadan campaign has been an absolute honor. We firmly believe in the importance of supporting the children in Palestine who have been profoundly affected by the ongoing conflict.”

Fara added, “The generous contribution from our community of Muslim Pro and Qalbox users exemplifies our unwavering commitment to helping those in need, particularly the vulnerable children who have endured unimaginable hardship. Our renewed collaboration with PCRF aims to bring joy to their faces this Eid al-Adha, encapsulating the spirit of Hajj through the provision of Qurban meat to nourish the Palestinian children.”

An annual subscription to Muslim Pro entitles users to save up to 60% and ad-free access to all premium features in the app, including Qalbox, which is available on the web app, mobile (Android and iPhone), tablets, Chromecast, and now on Samsung Tizen TV, Android TV, and tvOS Apple TV.

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Muslim Pro, the world’s leading Muslim lifestyle app with over 146 million downloads, announces a  donation of USD 35,000 to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF). This donation follows a recently concluded Ramadan campaign, aimed at supporting PCRF’s humanitarian projects and initiatives dedicated to the provision of medical care and critical aid to the children affected by the ongoing conflict in Gaza and Palestine.

Muslim Pro’s Ramadan campaign saw the brand partnering with PCRF on a cause-related marketing campaign, encouraging its users to upgrade to its Premium subscription. Muslim Pro committed to donating 50% of its total proceeds from its Premium subscriptions in selected territories to PCRF.

In light of the recent attacks in Gaza the funds donated to PCRF will be utilized to support a wide range of urgent humanitarian aid and vital medical assistance, such as life-saving surgeries, medications, and rehabilitation services, for children injured during the conflict. It will also go towards supporting initiatives such as the Gaza Amputee Project, Treatment Abroad Program, and Pediatric Cardiac Program. 

“It has been the absolute greatest pleasure and honor to partner with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund for our recently concluded Ramadan campaign,” said Fara Abdullah, co-CEO at Muslim Pro and Qalbox. “We firmly believe in the importance of standing with and supporting the children in Palestine who have been affected by the conflict. It is our duty to lend a helping hand and provide them with the care and resources they need to rebuild their lives and heal from the trauma they have experienced.”

“The donation from our community of Muslim Pro and Qalbox users reflects our deep commitment to helping those in need, particularly the vulnerable children who have endured unimaginable hardship in the face of adversity. Through this contribution, we hope to alleviate their suffering and provide them with the necessary support to rebuild their lives and strive for a better future.”

Steve Sosebee, founder of PCRF, expressed his gratitude for the collaboration, saying, “We greatly appreciate the support of Muslim Pro in enabling us to respond to the urgent humanitarian crisis on the ground in Gaza.  These funds will help provide food, water, medicine, medical equipment, and much needed medical care for injured and affected children.  Our humanitarian mission depends on great organizations like Muslim Pro, and we thank them for their support.”  

Muslim Pro and PCRF humbly appeal to  the global community to consider extending their assistance to those affected by the ongoing war and conflict in Gaza and Palestine in their upcoming Eid al-Adha 2023 campaign in June.

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